Monday, February 13, 2012

NUS Class On-Site Seminar in Jakarta

Today I led my National University of Singapore law school class on an on-site seminar at the ASEAN Secretariat and US MIssion to ASEAN.  Despite delayed flights and heavy Jakarta traffic, I think this was a success!  The students got great insight from the Secretariat and the Mission. Many thanks to ASEAN Deputy Secretary General Pushpanathan and US Ambassador David Carden. I hope that we can repeat this again in next year's course, which will be in August 2012.

 Ed and ASEAN DSG Pushpanathan

The class at the ASEAN Secretariat

Ed and the class with Ambassador Carden

The class at the US Mission to ASEAN

The ASEAN Secretariat has a more detailed write up on the on-site seminar here, and NUS has some more here.